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We have an invitation-only founders & leaders community on WhatsApp and Slack. This is a focused group of doers who support each other in growth. Want to join the group?

What is Foundership Community?

Foundership is a long voyage for a founder on which he/she must set sail in order to discover the promised land or the land of opportunities. It is not uncommon for Captains of seafaring ships to encounter the unexpected in rough seas, where the unknowns can be mysterious sea monsters, pirates, rough weather etc. Foundership is built on the basic principle that once the Captain of the ship is out in the sea, he/she needs Navigational Support to make it to the promised land. Each lighthouse they see on their journey lets them know where they are, as well as what to do next. Our Network of Founders & Leaders are like the Lighthouses, which come across the Captain at different times during their journey to help them navigate rough/smooth waters.


Foundership's mission is to enable Founders to navigate their voyage. For our Founders, Foundership is constantly communicating and accelerating their voyage. This is a community of support givers & takers of Founders + Leaders.

Conversations & Work

We have channels for the following

Customer Success
Marketing and Growth
B2C Customer Acquisition
Hiring & Culture
Product Management
Product Launch Feedback

What we expect from you.

When you first join

You’ll be added to the #general channel - say hello and introduce yourself! We’d love to know who you are and what you’re working on.

Update your profile with a photo. Land other essential facts in your profile. Make yourself a human.

Everyone is a founder & leader

The network is only for founders & leaders. We restrict it to keep the network focused. We recognize exclusion isn’t the goal, but it helps keep the conversations and the connections valuable. It’s worth noting that a few people in the group are not founders due to career changes at some point after joining the list. Some people leave the network at this point. Others stay because they plan to start another company or they want to be helpful.

Everyone is busy

You’re a founder/leader. You know how crazy your schedule is. Recognize that though many people on this list are here to help, their capacity to do so is limited. If you’re making a request to someone, be clear about why you’d like to talk to them specifically. Go beyond “would love to pick your brain”. They’ll appreciate it, and you’re more likely to hear back.
And if you don’t hear back, don’t take it personally. Everyone is busy.

Don't spam via direct message

We know everyone has to sell something but that doesn't mean you keep sending direct message to everyone. You will be banned.

Everything is off the record

Everything in Slack, in email, and at our events is off the record and private. This is so people share what their real challenges are and how they actually solved them. If that confidentially breaks, this whole thing becomes useless. Please don't share anything discussed here outside the group unless you've asked that person for permission.

Everyone is here to help each other

As weird as it sounds, founders & leaders have a unique affinity for helping each other out. The only reason this list exists is that its members are interested in helping each other.

That said, occasionally this role tends to attract the narcissistic personalities in the world. The network doesn’t function to support those that simply vacuum value from others. You’re expected to contribute back, not serve your own goals.

Don’t be an irritating person

Outside the Code of Conduct, don’t be an irritating person. Being an irritating person is generally disregarding any of the rules above or the fact that every person in the group is a fellow human. Being an irritating person comes with one warning, then you’re removed from the list.

Code of Conduct

If you have an issue with any interaction in this group, please contact moderators and admin in the group.

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