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Build with NoCode - Live with Bhanu


Ask anyone who has succeeded or failed in the first phase of ideating to build a startup: It is impossible to get software engineers, IT services companies on a budget that justifies building an MVP!

The fear is real: Possibility of losing all your savings to build basic MVP even to validate it as a side project.

Imagine how many folks don't even attempt to build a side project.

Or you need to be a programmer or hire a programmer as co-founder/future equity, etc.

Let's KILL THE FEAR with NoCode!

Bhanu will show how to build a few ideas using NoCode tools. Live! In 10 minutes, Bhanu will build a few ideas, so you know & learn how-to! Bhanu is an expert in NoCode and he works as a Product Manager in Singapore.

Date & Time

Nov 23, 2021
9:00 pm