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Grow your startup - SEO for Startup Founders


Karthik bootstrapped his startup, from $1mn ARR in 4 years to $2mn ARR, 4 months after that, and $3mn in Sept 2021.

He has the finest SEO execution experience and being a founder. Rare founders! He has written many tweets and blog posts to share his SEO knowledge openly.
In this live event, he will share key insights and pointers for you to learn and implement in your startup.

He has 7+ years of experience across Investment Banking and Technology. He joined J.P. Morgan straight out of engineering and slogged for three years in the Investment Banking industry. Worked with very smart people across diverse cultures and on various interesting projects, including a €550m M&A deal.

He joined IIM Ahmedabad for an MBA. He started exploring his passion for entrepreneurship during this phase, which led to the start of Flexiple.

At Flexiple, he has learnt the importance of execution over strategy and hard work over pure intelligence. He picked up many skills including coding & product management and found love for technology. Built a community of 150+ top software developers and designers and bootstrapped it to $300,000 in revenues.

Date & Time

Sep 23, 2021
4:00 pm