Adithya Shreshti


NoCode and Launch Catalyst. Builder of side projects that serves a purpose.  Assisted in 200+ founders/creators gain the initial launch traction.

Tech can act as an enabler and bring about amazing opportunities, Adithya Shreshti enjoys the process of facilitating it by sharing knowledge on NoCode, launch strategies among others helping first-time founders of products or projects who have an idea but don't how to explore it or someone who has a product but are stuck in gaining the initial traction.  

As a entrepreneur previously, Adithya understands the ups and downs and also the perks and freedom entrepreneurship or startups offer - so feel free to connect with him on startups.

Over the last 5 years, he has helped startup teams from Australia, Israel, Indonesia, Romania, India among others by offering strategies and feedback to build excellent products and gain traction - it will soon reach 225 in number.

This further extends to freshers/students too where he guides them on how they can explore different career or creator paths with the power of NoCode and tools.  

Even though his native is Bengaluru, his virtual home is Make sure you give an hi-five if you see him around  -  offline or online.

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