Amit Agarwal

SVP, Sales & BD,

Amit is a Salespreneur®, who believes that Sales is Social entrepreneurship because every sale
is an opportunity to bring joy, generate livelihood, create customer value and build wealth for
the economy.

With professional selling experience in 23 countries across bootstrapped , series A , B, C and D
startups, he has coined the term Salespreneur® and created a new sales strategy called Use
Case Selling®

An IIT IIM Alumni , Amit aims to create to create an ecosystem of EPIC Sales for a larger
community. His book ‘The Ultimate Sales Accelerator’, Salespreneur Portal , you tube channel
are few steps in this regard.

In addition to ‘Sales’, ‘Human mind’, ‘Writing’ and ‘Evangelizing power of One thing’ are other
key areas of interest for him.

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