Avinash MB

Marketing Director

I am a metrics-focused marketing leader with experience in setting up and marketing programs that drive profitability. I have worked in leadership teams at RoofandFloor, Langoor, SportsKeeda, and Converzate to grow business using digital marketing as a lever. Digital psychology and persuasion are topics that I love and regularly blog on LinkedIn. During my free time, I advise entrepreneurs and marketers on scaling marketing(as part of Foundership Accelerator). I am now looking for the right opportunity, where I can drive profitable business outcomes.

- I have built and lead teams managing all aspects of marketing: Technical SEO, Paid Marketing, Conversion Optimisation, Content marketing, and Brand Marketing.
- Experience in setting up and managing full-funnel marketing to ensure profitability -running ads, analytics, lead qualification operations, and retargeting.
- Hands-on experience in setting up lead-gen programs at scale ($150k+/Month) to meet business needs across US and Indian markets.
- In the past, I have worked on Technical SEO projects at scale across different domains( real estate, sports, home rentals).
- Have experience in running B2B marketing in the US.

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