Harsha MV

Co-founder & CTO

I turn ideas into companies. Specifically, I like to solve big problems that can positively impact millions of people through software.

I am currently focusing all of my time on my company, Skreem, where we are disrupting the ways marketers can leverage micro-influencers to tell the Brand's stories to their audience. People do not buy goods & services, they buy relations, stories & magic. Introducing technology with the power of human voice to maximize your brand communication.

Previously, I was the Co-founder and Head of Technology at Mink7, where i helped build the company and brought in 50+ clients and hired a rock-star team to build cutting edge products on the mobile and the web.

Things I do: strategic planning, go-to market strategy, fundraising, culture, building high-performance teams, product concept/design/launch/10x scale, product marketing.

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