Prakhar Jain

Sr Director of Global Sales

Prakhar Jain joined as the first employee at Whatfix and in his current role, he runs the Global New Business Sales and is working on scaling Whatfix to newer heights.

Whatfix has had a consistent growth record of 3x Growth YoY from the past 6 years. Prakhar and team have onboarded 135+ Fortune 1000 companies and overall 600+ clients in 30+ countries in the past years. He has also been  responsible in trying his hands in scaling Sales Operations, Sales Enablement and Sales Recruitment functions while the company has grown to 600+ people in the past 7 years.

He currently owns the entire Sales stack too and has a knack of experimenting and converting worked experiments into a process that can scale. He is leading Global Sales with a 60+ member team in 4 countries.

Specialities: SaasSales | Pricing | Negotiation | Hiring | Culture | SalesEnablement | Sales Process | Compensation Structure | Sales Org Structure

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