Saurabh Kabra

Design and Strategy
Mayank Exports

Founded a Creatyst ! - a network of creative individuals. Produced content, increased business activities, and created collaboration opportunities. Shut it down, as the founding team lacked technology experience.

Was onboarded as a Founder at Soulskill, in middle of a pivot.Went from Freelancer Marketplace to User generated Content sourcing and Moderation Platform. Headed the India business, with clients such as Hotstar, MX player, Dream 11, Culture Machine, 50 such creators and OTTs. Scaled to an ARR of $50k, raised funds from Grants and Accelerators.

Hard Pivoted Sustainability Metrics for Impact Brands, which is when I left the leadership team to continue as Investor/Advisor. Currently heading design, process and strategy in our family-run Furniture Export business. Working with 300+ employees and Shipping 30 containers a month to Europe and US.

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