Saurabh Shankar


I started RefreshMint with the aim to simplify financial decision making but now we are using the same infra to have build an end to end API stack which allows any intermediary to offer hyper-personalized loans, insurance, investment, tax filing and much more to the clients.

Along with our API stack, we are also building a women-focused distribution channel called Didi. DIDI's objective is to enable women entrepreneurship in financial services while raising financial awareness in their III and IV cities.

I believe that financial products are one of the most powerful tools to fundamentally alter someone's lives and RefreshMint is trying to enable these tools.

I have been an active member of Crypto Space since 2016. While involved initially as an investor in few projects, over the course of last 4 years have developed and built a deep understanding of the ecosystem.  I as of now active advise projects  both in Defi & NFT space and help them in getting started with their crypto journey.

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