Shankar Roddam

Chief Operating Officer

The opportunity to contribute to a movement.

I am currently the Chief Operating Officer of Subex, where I oversee Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Service Delivery. I am obsessed with growth, and I believe customer success and an outside-in perspective is the only path to get there. My current aspiration is to put Subex into a 10x growth orbit by making ourselves the undisputed leaders in the space of Digital Trust.

Prior to my current position, I have held strategic roles pertaining to Growth, Business Development and Account Management with Global organizations like Plivo, Bharti Telesoft and TechMahindra. My 22 years of experience across these diverse roles included multiple initiatives as a first employee in various geographies. I learned to zoom in and zoom out of a situation to bring in new perspectives and innovative solutions to solve challenges.

I am fortunate to have had an extremely enriching professional journey across Enterprise, SaaS, PaaS & Cloud, with opportunities to lead large teams and set up teams from scratch. I enjoy working with startups and am closely associated with a few in the space of Sports, Education and Technology.

I hold a Management degree and a dual bachelor's in Electronics Telecommunications Engineering and a graduation in Triple Mathematics.

Outside of work, I am an ardent numismatist, with a collection where every item has a story to tell. I dream and operate with a desire to give back to society.

Specialties: Growth Hacking, Sales, SaaS/PaaS, Customer Success, Business Management, Business Strategy, Leadership, Performance Management, Sales Management, Relationship Management, Marketing, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Corporate Strategy, Alliances & Partnerships, People Development.

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