Shreekant Pawar

CEO, Ex Founder Diabeto

Startup guy for around 10 years. Was the 5th Employee at (Now Hightail). Last Startup - Diabeto, Inc was acquired by Livongo Health, Inc in August 2017.


Vice President - India

Aug 2017 – PresentDiabeto, Inc was acquired by Livongo Health, Inc in August 2017. Currently, heading the Diabeto India team.

Co-Founder/CEO (Acquired by Livongo Health, Inc)

Jan 2012 – Aug 2017Diabeto is a full-stack startup consisting of,

  1. Hardware device that is CE class 1a device and FDA 510(k) exempt/registered, that wirelessly transmits blood glucose readings from a glucometer into a smartphone.
  2. Mobile app (Android/iOS): The readings from the glucometer are synced with a mobile application which shows insights on the number with the help of beautiful graphs and easy-to-understand numbers.
  3. Cloud Software: The readings from the mobile app are then remotely and securely synced to a server from where they can be accessed by healthcare professionals and get back to with necessary treatment or suggestions.The hardware device is currently compatible with 33 Glucometers which are widely available in the market.Diabeto also offers a software development kit (SDK) for partners/other diabetes companies/hospitals/insurance companies who are interested in taking blood glucose readings from Diabeto hardware into their mobile application.



Sep 2011 – Aug 2012Farasbee is a tech startup in the mobile hardware/software arena, also provides digital marketing solutions and is a multicultural ad network. Farasbee was founded in 2010 by Shreekant Pawar and Hemanshu Jain focusing to be a part of the ever-growing world of Digital Media, Mobile application development and open-source prototyping hardware business.

Co-Founder, VP - Sales and Marketing

Tritone Tech

Jul 2009 – Oct 2011Tritone Tech operational from Bangalore was formed in the year 2009 with specialties in Technology and media businesses led by an experienced and technically skilled management team comprising of founders with decades of experience in Media, Internet and Process-oriented companies. Tritone has made a big impression in the business world within a short period of its existence by launching its own product (a first in India) and having partnered with some of the biggest and most popular websites in the world for services in India. Tritone tech primarily functions in the Mobile domain having specialties across iPhone and Android platforms.



Jan 2008 – Jul is a complete video directory for cartoons, 3D, Flash, Experimental, Stop motion animation and beyond. It is a comprehensive animation showcase.

Media Operations Assistant

YouSendIt. Inc

Apr 2005 – Sep 2006YouSendIt is the No.1 digital delivery company serving businesses and individuals on the Web today. As Media Operations Assistant I developed new strategies and marketing techniques to increase the revenue of the website.I also generated new revenue streams from international clients mostly in terms of advertisement models but also the development of new products. Through the careful statistical analysis, I generated various revenue and sales reports and made good decisions to increase the visibility of the business on the web. The company was so happy with the work that I had undertaken that I received a glowing plaudit from one of the founders of the website.

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