Shruti Kapoor

Co-Founder & CEO

Helping companies sell better: good conversations = better sales! But how do you learn from your conversations and make them better?

What is Wingman?
Assist, audit and analyze every sales call through our AI engine and get real time insights on how you/ your sales reps can improve their performance.

Why Wingman?
Wingman has been built by sales & AI people to help sales people get real insights that they can act on:
- What is the top sales person doing better than the others?
- What leads are most likely to buy?
- How did others handle that customer objection?

I have worked across lifesciences research, investment banking, technology investing, commercialization, product development, fin-tech and sales enablement using AI(current). I enjoy working in the interface between technology solutions and business needs and have worked in leadership and business development roles. I am also a trained Life Coach through Erickson Coaching and would love to have a conversation with you if you are feeling lost about your career or relationships or life in general. Also, interested in consulting for innovation and technology scouting & adoption.

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