Siddharth Nahar

Teach Easy

I'm Siddharth, co-founder of Teach Easy. Teach Easy ( is a platform for teachers to assess their student submissions and provide contextual feedback. Students are submitting PDF/Images to their teachers and then teachers use Teach Easy on which the experience is just like PEN-PAPER checking. It's present on mobile as well as the web.

I graduated in 2017 majoring in CSE and then went to become PM at ClearTax where I owned income tax product for consumers and CAs. With a very smart team, I was responsible for 2X growth in usage and engagement at the scale of million users.

The current startup is my second (formal) attempt. I co-founded Delivery Santa with Abhishek. It was "Swiggy for colleges" and ran for 11 months generating revenue of over Rs. 9 Lac.

I have a strong product acumen and constantly works on my observation skills to focus on customer requirements and try to solve them in the simplest manner possible. My core skills revolve around customer conversations, problem discovery, product analytics (can write SQL), product & workflow designs (hands-on with Figma).

I'm awestruck with how technology is driving the change in the world. And so want to be a part of it. I want to make, learn and grow products powered by technology that brings a change in the world and makes it better than before.

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