Sridhar DP


Sri is a Serial entrepreneur who started his career as a Problem solver. With his team, built Frameworks for Strategic, Collaborative, and Business model Innovation at iEnabler.

Sri is in a mission mode to help passionate founder find their Truenorth. helps founders and their core teams in Product and Business Model discovery. Founder Buddy program , where Trunorth consultants join the core team of the startup and help the founders to "walk the talk" is a big hit in their portfolio companies. frameworks have been used in Agritech, BFSI, Retail, Pure Enterprise Software, ECom startups.


  • Founder. We at TruNorth are driven by the mission to give you founders a compass that can point to your true north. Build Products that matter and Business models that win with Trunorth discovery Software.


  • Chief Executive Officer. How to grow your ideas - Startup Innovation.How to grow your ideas - Startup Innovation.Innovation 4.0: Shaping a humane fourth industrial revolutionInnovation 4.0: Shaping a humane fourth industrial revolution

Summit Strategic Software Consulting Pvt Ltd

  • Co Founder. Consulting Leading Business Technology Initiatives for Fortune companies. Provided IT Process & Software Engineering framework for capturing and translating business requirements to IT requirements – End client- Leading super specialty health care provider in Saudi Arabia.


  • Director & Co Founder. Responsible for Leading Software Engineering Consulting work for Wipro Technologies. Provided IT Process, Software Engineering framework for complete software life cycle.

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