Sridhar Ranganathan


B2B selling was long impending an overhaul, and 2020 only acted as a catalyst. It's no surprise that remote sales exploded in 2020.

While most B2B companies and sales teams adapted rather quickly, it came at a price.
- Modern B2B sales tech stacks took care of everything but account research, and it stuck out like a sore thumb.
- SDRs *had* to ensure their pitches were personalized, relevant, well-timed, and contextual. It meant more time and effort for account research vs. making the calls.
- A usual target account research that took 20-25 mins now took hours together.
- Google and LinkedIn Sales Navigator didn't make the research easier. And why would they? SDRs weren't their target audience, and account research wasn't their problem. So, SDRs had to sweep through an overload of information to find something remotely relevant.

The struggle was evident, but there was no solution out there. And that's why we started B2Brain.

SDRs wanted answers to two specific questions:
- How do I get insights from the target account relevant to my business?
- Who are the people I should pursue in the target accounts?
B2Brain set out to help SDRs get account intelligence unique to their business directly inside their existing CRMs and SEPs.

Try it out for yourself. Take a free trial today -

Before B2Brain, I spent ~15 years building and launching products.
- I was the first VP of Product and Corporate Development at InMobi, India's first Unicorn
- I launched and managed 3 products at Yahoo! India (Maps, Local, and Jobs)
- I built multiple products at Zoho, the flag-bearer of India's SaaS ecosystem

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