Bugasura is a bug tracker and reporter for Modern Teams. Use Bugasura to collaborate and close bugs faster in your development cycle.

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Get 3 months free on pro version of Bugasura

Post 3 months, get a 10% discount on the paid plans

Customize Workflows

From tracking to closure, every modern team has their own way of doing things. Customizing workflows becomes a pain. Not with Bugasura. Just anyone can set up a new flow and manage issues on it.

Modern Teams

Modern teams use collaboration and simple workflows to move things faster. Bugasura brings you everything you need to work together and release software.

Work Across Teams

We work in teams. Bring your teams together and collaborate or even work on private projects.

Focussed Closing

What matters to developers is what’s on their plate to close. Bugasura enables them to focus on closing what’s assigned to them with a personalized view of bugs they need to resolve.

Issue Threads

Every issue has its own story line. Many issue trackers fail at understanding this. Bugasura gives each issue a detailed track, till it gets closed.

Track Coverage

QA Test Teams put in a lot of effort to find just one issue but who sees the effort. Bugasura gives you a complete overview of device coverage, test coverage and even tester level coverage.

InApp Reporting

Our customers were spending a lot of time reporting issues. Bugasura makes issue reporting in-app and one click

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