Deliver customized in-app messaging experiences to your users. Add voice, video, and text chat to your websites and mobile apps programmatically so that your users can communicate with each other, resulting in a unified customer experience, increased engagement and retention, and revenue growth.

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$1000 CometChat credits to each cohort startup at Foundership. Valid for 1 year.

About CometChat Pro 

CometChat enables businesses to add voice, video & text chat to their websites and mobile apps. CometChat is not a customer support chat solution; it is designed to enable end-users to connect with each other. 



Our core features enable you to quickly add voice & video calling as well as in-app text messaging in minutes. Our popular features include: 

Private Chat 

Users talk to each other privately in one-on-one conversations 

Group Conversations 

Users talk together in groups- private, public or password protected 

Voice & Video 

Users engage in one-on-one and group voice & video conferences 

Key features include: 

✔ Users & Friends List 

✔ Users & Friends Presence 

✔ Typing Indicators 

✔ Read Receipts 

✔ Media Messages 

✔ Custom Messages 

✔ Moderation 

✔ Message History 


Extensions enable you to extend the default functionality of CometChat. Some of our popular extensions include: 

Email Extension 

Notify users via email for unread messages 

Sentiment Analysis 

AI-powered sentiment analysis for messages. 

Message Translation 

Translate text messages in different languages on-the-fly.

Webhooks & Bots 

✔ The most advanced Webhooks interface known to man 

Unlike any other service, we allow you to modify messages in-transit. This allows you to create all sorts of interesting use cases like video compression or data masking and more! 

✔ Bots 

Our bots interface allows you to send messages to a bot platform of your choice, process it and provide a response to the user in one-on-one as well as group conversations. 

UI Kits 

We provide ready-to-use UI Kits in all popular programming 

languages including Kotlin, Swift, React, Vue & Angular. 

Multi-region Deployment 

✔ Choose your region 

We understand how important latency is for your users. You can 

select the region closest to your audience to ensure real-time 

message delivery! 

✔ Private instance deployment 

We can also deploy a private instance in the region of your choice 

dedicated only to you and your users 

Security & Compliance 

CometChat is GDPR & HIPAA compliant. 

✔ Security in transit 

All server communications support TLS, and cannot be viewed by 

a third party. We enforce the same level of encryption used by 

banks and financial institutions. Sessions are always protected 

with top end in-transit encryption. 

✔ Secure cloud infrastructure 

All customer messages & media are encrypted with AES256 


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