The only AI recruitment solution you need. Hiring shouldn't be a hassle. CutShort is the only full recruitment solution that brings everything you need to hire 3x more talent in 1/3rd the effort.

Offer Details

INR 5000 worth of credits to each company that comes via Foundership. Can be redeemed on any subscription plan. (Should not be an existing Cutshort account).

How to avail the offer?

Click "Avail Now" and click on "Get a callback". Choose "FounderShip" in "Choose a referring partner (if applicable)" field.

About Cutshort

Used by 15000+ founders, recruiters, hiring, managers and agencies to close 5000+ key positions 3 times faster. Cutshort is the best way to hire top tech talent at your startup.

Top notch Sourcing

1,100,000+ developers, data scientists, designers, product managers from startups and product companies now prefer CutShort over conventional job portals. This is the talent pool you won't find on conventional job platforms or via LinkedIn.

Human-like AI Matching

Wasting hours reviewing resumes to find relevant and competent candidates?

Our machine learning algorithms rank the candidates like a human recruiter by taking into account candidates' expertise area, skills, validated skills, industry background, educational history and professional interests.

Built-in screening and assessments

CutShort automatically validates 30+ technical skills via built-in tests.

You can use our tests or integrate your own provider such as Codility and DoSelect. To screen soft skills, use our innovative features such as audio/video questions.

AI Assistant to speed up your hiring

Doing all the repetitive tasks of sending emails, scheduling interviews, following up, etc? Bad news! It is slowing down your hiring.

Introducing Voila, an AI Assistant that runs your tasks even while you sleep. It's not just a chatbot - It's a friend that gives you the time and speed you've always wanted.

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