Hire Vetted Talent ONLY for the Hours you need Find the right match for your business needs and GROW with Remote & Agile Teams

Why FlexiBees?

As a business have you ever wished you could hire an expert within 2 weeks to work on your super-urgent project? Or as a start-up have you ever wanted to hire experienced talent, but found them too expensive? Discover the benefits of high quality, flexible, agile and affordable talent from FlexiBees.

We are a talent platform that provides vetted part-time, project-based and remote-working talent to businesses via our expert pool of women professionals. Businesses get the benefit of the experience that our talent brings, and the agility and cost-efficacy of our flexible models. 

What’s more, we take on the onus of finding the best-fit match ourselves through a tech enabled selection process; this means clients spend less than 10% of the effort they would spend hiring from other sources, and quality of our matches are good, thus 65% of our business comes from repeat clients.

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