B2B Saas Sales Fellowship

Win Customers, Don't Just Sell!

Become an awesome Sales Leader who can win customers across the world seamlessly! Learn, Network & Apply from Founders & Operators!

We mentored 176 seed-stage startups in 2020 and 35 seed-stage startups in 2021. We got a 91 NPS score for our program structure and process to help them achieve several outcomes.

Program Starts 10th Jan 2022 | Only 25 Participants
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Leveraging the Network power

Are you a founder or an aspiring sales leader who needs direction, growth, and access to a great network. This program is for you! Learn, Apply & Network with amazing founders & leaders who have scaled heights!

Who is it for?

You are an early-stage founder.
You have an MVP or an early product with growth challenges.
Your growth has flattened.
Your Startup is in early-stage with some customers
Part of early Sales Team
Your startup is in 0-1 ($1mn) stage

Wall of Love

Sales Aren’t My Thing: How To Reframe Your Perspective and Win Million Dollar Deals

You can have the best product or service, but if no one knows about it or understands the value, you won’t survive

Many startups rarely consider the distribution part when building their startup. Founders & Sales teams in tech companies often come from a technology or product development background. Though they may say otherwise, building a product is the easy part for them because they already have the experience and skills.

When it comes time to reach out to potential customers though, startups run into all sorts of problems. You can have the best product or service, but you won't survive if no one knows about it or understands the value.

Sales is one of the toughest challenges to solve in the startup journey.

If you don’t have the know-how of the changing landscape of B2b Sales process, then how will you hire, execute and grow using customer revenue?

Many people assume sales is the ability to “talk good” and make friendly conversation. Like a magic trick, the salesperson miraculously closes the deal. Others have the vision of a “boiler room” with rows and rows of salespeople glued to their phones making endless cold calls. Still, others believe if you act all tough and business-like, you will be taken seriously and customers will just fold and hand over money.

None of these are even remotely close to the reality of startup sales today. From an outsider's point of view, it can be hard though to figure out the skills and processes used to be successful at selling. Sales skills do not seem as tangible as learning a programming language or building a wireframe. Even if it is not obvious, however, discrete sales skills can be defined, taught, practiced, and improved upon.

We know this because we have been there.

And this got us wondering, "What if there is a better way?"

What if startup founders can mitigate risks and reduce the learning curve?

What if startups had the guidance of other founder-mentors to show them the way?

What if there was a network of founders & leaders that you can tag along on this journey?

Do you want to build a repeatable process or a system to find answers for

How to find my early adopters?

How to find the decision-maker in my segment?

how do I hire a Sales team when I have never done sales before?

How should I set targets and achieve revenue goals?

Should I sell to SMB or Mid Market or Enterprises?

Many accelerators and incubators do an amazing job in mentoring startups and helping them raise funding. However, the essence of getting hands-on with the startups to enable them with their GoTo Market, Market Access, Early Adopters, Sales & Customer Experience in their initial stages is overlooked.

Here's how the program is structured

This is an intense program and you need to commit a minimum of half (1/2) day a week to this program.

Learn & Apply

Our unique Learn + Apply model enables you what you need to know to implement a solution. Each session has an outcome. Founders & Leaders bring hands-on expertise to work with you.

Live Program

This is not a course. In this live program, we interact with you 1-1 to work with you and host group cohorts to leverage high-value to solve challenges and achieve outcomes.

Result Driven

We measure your success by program KPIs. Our program has many sessions and each session focuses on action to solve challenges and take your business to the next level.

This is a virtual live program with 2 to 3 hours of activities every week with program mentors and peer founders. You will also have a Discord channel to submit works, track the progress, and reach program mentors. This is an intense program and you need to commit 2-3 hours a week to this program.

Phase 1

Set the Foundations


Saas Business Model & Developing Clarity - Why, What & Who

  • Understand the basics of Saas business model
  • Building a Mindset for Confidence & Perseverance
  • Understand the higher purpose of Sales
  • Define Why are you selling
  • Define who is your customer and who is not ( Region, Buyer role, Revenue etc)
  • TAL(Target Account List) with clarity on ICP, Focus , Top X accounts

B2B Lead Generation Fundamentals

  • Understand what lead generation tools and techniques most companies, few companies & very few companies are using

Understanding Customer Motivation & Right Messaging

  • Understand your Buyer Persona
  • Understand your Customer life cycle
  • Build Value Proposition Matrix



  • Decode 7 tools and techniques for writing precise and influential messages  on emails, Linkedin , Whatsapp
  • Identify top 3 mistakes to create a persuasive copy


The Magic of Storytelling

  • Storytelling makes the communication simple and memorable. This further creates rapport , build trust and move people
  • Master 4 ways of becoming a great storyteller

Phase 2

Get Ready to Prospect


Build Lead Lists & Qualifying for the Right Customers

  • Build your lead list
  • Build your qualifying criteria & qualification questions

Handling Objections

  • Prepare a list of FAQ & responses
  • Competitor Analysis

The code of Effective Virtual Selling

  • 7 principles for engaging clients and close deals Virtually

Finding Your Internal Champion & navigating Internal maze

  • Understanding Buyer's process
  • Map your buyers journey


Emotional Quotient - Decode 3 Tenets of Emotional Quotient  for harnessing abundance and resourceful mindset in

  • Gratitude
  • Self Talk
  • Visualisation

Handling Product Demos

  • Prepare Questionnaire list
  • Prepare Demo checklist
  • Build Demo data
  • Build Case studies


Pitch your product

  • Pitch your product in <=18 mins (TED Talk format)
  • Pitch your product over a networking event <2 mins
  • Pitch your product over a phone < 1 min

Phase 3

Win & Expand


Effective Negotiation & Deal Structuring

  • Moving from Win-Lose to WIn-Win
  • Develop Rapport & Empathy
  • Focus on Small
  • Clarity on Alternative


Sales Process & metrics

  • Decode the components of Sales Process across top of the funnel, mid funnel and closure funnel
  • Identify the key metrics for Sales, Customer Success, Demand Generation
  • Create a blueprint on Sales process and Metric for your organization

Sales Leadership

  • Building out & Coaching Sales Team
  • Understand Different function in  Sales , Pre-Sales , Demand Generation, Customer Success , Product Marketing , Brand Communication & Analyst Relations
  • Sales Team Roles & Responsibility
  • Sales Organization Structure
  • Compensation Structure
  • Coaching Sales Team


  • Reflect
  • Key takeaways
  • Recognitions
  • Open Networking

Program designed and led by Incredible Founders & Leaders

Founders & Leaders having expertise in their own startups are leading these programs.

Meet your Program Director(s)

Amit Agarwal

Author - The Ultimate Sales Accelerator & SVP - Sales & BD @Algonomy

Amit is a Salespreneur®, who believes that Sales is Social entrepreneurship because every sale is an opportunity to bring joy, generate livelihood, create customer value and build wealth for the economy.

With professional selling experience in 23 countries across bootstrapped, series A , B, C and D startups, he has coined the term Salespreneur® and created a new sales strategy called ' Use Case Selling®

An IIT IIM Alumni, Amit aims to create an ecosystem of EPIC Sales for a larger community. His book ‘The Ultimate Sales Accelerator’,  Salespreneur Portal , you tube channel 

are few steps in this regard.

In addition to ‘Sales’, ‘Human mind’, ‘Writing’ and ‘Evangelizing power of One thing’ are other key areas of interest for him.

Bimlesh Gundurao

Partner & Co-Founder @Foundership

A SIBM, BITS Pilani & NIE Alumni with over 24 years in the Software Industry across Startups & Corporate, he led Aguai Solutions to a successful acquisition-hire exit to US Fintech Company, after a pivot from Pharmeazy.com - India's first connected healthcare, Connecting Pharmacies, Patients, Doctors and Pharma Distributors. In his 15 yrs of corporate journey across Allscripts, Misys, Satyam & GA, he built teams 0-350 and led large Product Development & Product Management teams worldwide. He also led a pathbreaking Engineering Turnaround with 140 engineers across the world bringing agile practices in 2006 and delivering a release plagued by huge delays.

Bimlesh is an avid learner, experimenter, networker, cricket & movie buff. He has coached over 30+ startups through PITCHCAMP and is an active mentor at Numa Accelerator & BITS Pilani.

Meet your Program Mentors

What will you accomplish?


You will come out with a better understanding of who your target audience is and what their problems are to align your solutions.

Early Adopters

You get to find real early adopters best suited to your products & solutions. Build and Grow your network with deep relationships forged in the right way!

Growth in Sales

The proof lies in the sales and you will come out with plenty of proof.

Team Development

You will have a clearer understanding of what kind of resources you will need and, most importantly, when you need them.

Startups we have helped

Cohort-Based Program

A new way to execute your startups

What it is not?

  • This is not a course. This is a coaching + live program.
  • These are not recorded videos.
  • It is not an exclusive 'For you' program. This is cohort-based around "Program Template" themes.
  • This is not DIMF (Do it for me). We will coach you, guide you and show you how to do it.
  • It is not an advisory activity.

What it is?

  • You get dedicated time to work with founders every week as per the program. This is the LIVE group cohort
  • Only  6-10 founders/leaders can be in a Program, with strong foundation for Peer Learning, Sharing & Networking
  • You get to identify your problem statement, challenges, and bottlenecks as per the program.
  • You work with peer founders/leaders in the cohort and founder mentors to execute an implementation plan.
  • You solve your problem/challenges/bottlenecks and create a growth momentum.
  • We use action-oriented frameworks that reduce time to implement and accelerates your goals.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

    If it's ZERO Equity then, Is this a paid program?

    Yes, this is a paid program and ZERO equity.

    What do Early Adopters mean?

    if you have a B2b product that is focusing to solve real business problems for businesses in India or in a global market, then this program will reduce your time to find your right early adopters & paying customers.

    Are all phases mandatory?

    We believe in having a structured process to achieve success. All the 3 phases are critical to effectively understand, execute and win before you build out your sales teams. Since this is a group Cohort based program, you will miss out on deep networking and peer learning opportunities.

    Can I pay for each module separately?

    We understand the cash flow challenges of each startup. We have designed the program in such a way, that each module delivers huge value. So you pay before the start of each module to confirm your seat.

    12 weeks is a long time, is it all continuous or do we have breaks?

    We understand 12 weeks is a long duration in a startup journey. Executing a solid Sales process requires that time and attention. These 12 weeks are split into 3 modules of 4 weeks each.

    After each module, you have a 1-week break before the next module resumes.

    What happens after this cohort program?

    Once you are part of the community, you always will be and we will make sure we will help you in every step of your journey through us. With the community of founders, you will continue to gain growth and momentums in your business.

    Who are the mentors in the Cohort program?

    We will bring dozens of successful founders & leaders to help accelerate your startups in this program.