Rolling Acceleration Program

Build a strong foundation in 4 months to accelerate your startup

16 weeks, cohort-based, action-oriented program designed to help seed-stage to early-stage startups on all functional areas of the business, i.e., product, market, sales and operations.

We received over 166 applications from India, the EU & Russia for Seed Acceleration Program Batch 1 in August 2021. We put in a fair process to evaluate 6 startups where we can add maximum value.

Next Cohort starts in December 2021
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Program Fee

1.5% in advisory equity will be applicable & realized in the future funding round and 3% success fee of the future funding round

Who is it for?

Your Startup is in the MVP stage with some early market validation or traction
Your Startup is in early-stage with some customers
Your Startup is aiming to solve a significant pain point in the market
Your Startup is going to raise money within 1 year

Wall of Love

Building a startup is hard. And lonely.

Let's be honest.

Starting up is like jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down.

First, you have to understand what your customers want, then figure out how to develop a product and reach your customers in the most profitable way.

Along the way, you will have to get the right kind of people on board while you figure out your branding and marketing.

Of course, you will also have to ward off naysayers and convince your cautious family members whose risk appetite is not as big as yours that it's going to be ok.

After all this, you will quickly realize that it's very difficult to take the leap of faith without the financial cushion to support you and grow your startup.

And as if this was not terrifying enough, the journey of entrepreneurship can be brutally lonely.

Any rational person in that position would feel fear, uncertainty, and doubt, but as a startup founder, you cannot afford to share these feelings with anyone because you have convinced everyone around you, including your loved ones, that you will make it and be successful.

We know this because we have been there.

And this got us wondering, "What if there is a better way?"

What if startup founders can mitigate risks and reduce their learning curve?

What if startup founders had the guidance of other founder-mentors to show them the way?

What if there was a network of founders that you can tag along on this journey?

What if there is better access to funding to promising startups?

All these questions kept us awake at night and eventually sprung us into action to start the Foundership Rolling Acceleration Program.

Unlike other accelerator programs, the Foundership Rolling Acceleration Program is a 100% performance-driven, cohort-based program designed to help early startup founders navigate their startups towards growth, better product development and grow the value of the organization and future valuations.

Program Structure

This is an intense program and you need to commit a minimum of few hours a week to this program.

Learn & Apply

Our unique Learn + Apply model enables you what you need to know to implement a solution. Each session has an outcome. Founders & Leaders bring hands-on expertise to work with you.

Live Program

This is not a course. In this live program, we interact with you 1-1 to work with you and host group cohorts to leverage high-value to solve challenges and achieve outcomes.

Result Driven

We measure your success by program KPIs. Our program has many sessions and each session focuses on action to solve challenges and take your business to the next level.

This is a virtual live program with 2 to 3 hours of activities every two weeks with program mentors and peer founders. You will also have a Slack channel to submit works, track the progress and reach program mentors. This is an intense program and you need to commit 2-3 hours a week to this program.

Phase 1

Rolling Acceleration - Ideation and reflection

  • Finding your why and your story
  • Achieving Problem- Solution fit
  • Create a unique value proposition

  • Understanding different business models
  • Identifying your market and the size of the opportunity
  • Getting to know your users better than they know themselves
  • Review your product and align it with product development
  • Create branding and design
  • Develop goals and milestones to assess your progress
Phase 2

Rolling Acceleration - Execution

  • Deploy the Customer Development framework to align your product with your customers' needs

  • Create the right culture to attract great talent and build a rockstar team
  • Lay the foundation for marketing and exponential growth
  • Create the right culture to attract great talent and build a rockstar team
Phase 3

Rolling Acceleration - Traction

  • Understanding the basics of fundraising (equity structure, ESOPs, How to find your investor, what do investors look for)
  • Product development sprint will also start in parallel that will allow you to mold your product to the market's needs
  • Managing your finances - P&L, Costs and Expenses and basic finance practices, how to deal with your CA and manage compliances
  • Plan and execute to start acquiring your customers sustainably
  • What entails effective leadership - Equipping yourself to develop your leadership style to build and lead high-performance teams
  • Once customers are acquired, sales and revenue will start kicking in
  • Developing your pitch with a single page canvas articulating your story and building your pitch deck
  • Having sales is not enough. You need to make sure your customers achieve the outcomes they are looking for while using your product by deploying customer success protocols
Phase 4

Rolling Acceleration - Ready for Action

  • Learn how to set up your board and basic expectations of managing shareholders
  • Understand Contracts, term sheets, filing patents, trademarks and everything related to legal and IP
  • Review all processes & structures
  • Design ongoing engagement plans
  • Review all processes & structures
  • Design ongoing engagement plans

What will you accomplish?


You will come out with a better understanding of who your target audience is and what their problems are to align your solutions.

Product Development

Thanks to focused product development sprints, your product will be in better shape to face the market.

Growth in Sales

The proof lies in the sales and you will come out with plenty of proof.

Team Development

You will have a clearer understanding of what kind of resources you will need and, most importantly, when you need them.


We know how busy you are. That's why each class is direct, to the point, and designed to give you actionable tips that take your business to a new level every week. It's one of the few zoom calls you'll look forward to each week.


You will forever be part of the community you can turn to when you feel lost.

Startups we have helped

What it is not?

  • This is not a course. This is a coaching + live program.
  • These are not recorded videos.
  • It is not an exclusive 'For you' program. This is cohort-based around "Program Template" themes.
  • This is not DIMF (Do it for me). We will coach you, guide you and show you how to do it.
  • It is not an advisory activity.

What it is?

  • You get dedicated time to work with founders every week as per the program. This is the LIVE group cohort.
  • Only  6-10 founders/leaders can be in a Program.
  • You get to identify your problem statement, challenges, and bottlenecks as per the program.
  • You work with peer founders/leaders in the cohort and founder mentors to execute an implementation plan.
  • You solve your problem/challenges/bottlenecks and create a growth momentum.
  • We use action-oriented frameworks that reduce time to implement and accelerates your goals.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

    What is Foundership?

    Foundership supports new startups to accelerate growth through coaching, raising capital and the founders' network.

    Do you invest?

    We bring Founders & Leaders, angels, VCs to work with startups and choose to invest.

    Do you work with founders from any country?

    We are open to working with founders from anywhere in the world.

    What happens after 4 months of the cohort? Do we still get the benefit?

    Once you are part of the community, you always will be and we will make sure we will help you in every step of your journey through us. With the community of founders, you will continue to gain growth and momentums in your business.

    Who are the coaches in Rolling Acceleration Program?

    We will bring dozens of successful founders & leaders to help accelerate your startups in this program.