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Imagine, solving cross border commerce on speciality chemicals and lab equipment!

Founder has deep knowledge in the chemicals and lab equipment, and he has been running it for a few years. The company has a steady growth and global customers. However the problem is to find out growth levers as there is a bit of stagnancy in certain part of the business.


We started with existing customer data to find patterns such as repeat, high-value, churn and also based on types of products they have bought. We then coached the founder to do value proposition analysis to how we solve their pain points and jobs-to-be-done needs! We coached the founder to do target market analysis and competitor analysis. We also enabled the founders to focus on the core part of the business and not get distracted by low-value revenue opportunities.


At the end of the program, the founder has the clarity to focus on key customers, improving supply chain process and key target makers to grow the business.

Dr Shalin says

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