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A Communications bot company with a global customer base and a good revenue model had hit a growth plateau. They had been experimenting quite for the last 6 months with few outcomes.


They agreed to prioritise and solve Trial to paid conversion metric in the accelerator program, among several other top priorities.They had a fully functional team across all departments with specific responsibilities.During the next 3 weeks, they worked diligently with full disclosure and transparency to share their analysis of current customers and churned customers over the last 24 months.

This activity gave a new purpose and alignment within the team and enabled them to take in ideas and inputs from the team in drawing up the root causes of each stage of the customer journey from Trial Sign up to Paid plan conversion or drop out.With our help and support, they arrived at an action plan to implement and make changes to their product, customer success process, and sales process.


At the end of the 3 weeks, they had achieved great clarity and direction on where they need to improve and arrive at a prioritized focus list of action items to implement and observe the impact on the Trial to Paid conversion metric.

Devashish Says

Customer Success