Tech and Data first Platform enabling distribution of Financial Products



The company is led by a team of 3 Co-Founders with Fintech, business & tech experience, who have been working together for just about a year.They are simplifying the ability to distribute digital lending products to increase the market size & sales for lending companies

When they joined us in May, the team had a very strong idea about what they were doing, but they needed our help with articulately communicating the problems that they were solving and their solution for it.

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The Foundership team worked with Saurabh to break down their solution and simplify the understanding of the problem statement. This then helped them to analyze and find answers to "Who is my Customer". They worked on the following areas to find their true customer

They worked on the following areas to find their ideal customer:

  1. Writing down their WHY
  2. Problem solution Fit analysis
  3. Jobs to be done
  4. Value proposition
  5. Market Analysis
  6. Market Segmentation
  7. Differentiation via competitor analysis
  8. Buyer Persona and value Matrix


At the end of the program, the 3 co-founders had achieved complete clarity on their customer segments, the value proposition for search customers, and their differentiation in the market. This clarity was very evident from their first pitch vs the demo day pitch :)

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Value Proposition