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An Entrepreneur with great design skills saw an opportunity during wave 1 of covid that a lot of creators in the world were building audiences, but their ability to monetize and communicating with their audience was tough. He had a version 1 with monetization tools for global creators. He had some early validation of his idea and few paying customers.

He knew he was missing something, but was not sure, why his growth halted or not growing steadily month on month. As his customers were super busy, he had a tough time in getting his customers to fill up surveys and providing any valuable feedback.


He went back to basics, revisit his hypothesis, and conduct a deep analysis of a growing trend of solo creators worldwide. He had to choose which niche he wanted to focus on. Every week, he experimented on the hypothesis and went deep to find out his ICP (Ideal customer profile) and validate


At the end of 4 weeks or 30 days, he had achieved great clarity on the direction he wanted to take Superpage 2.0 to and had identified his target ICP and a new positioning for his product.

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