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Based in London with product teams in India, a Compliance Tracking and reporting company had a healthy MRR and had large enterprise clients across UK and UAE. One of the largest Airline companies in the Middle East was their customer. Their technology is being used to serve the largest airline kitchens in the world. The company was bootstrapped and catered to a very unique problem across Risk Management, Compliance in Food, Safety, Facility Management, and Healthcare. Their unique ability to use metadata and configurable forms has made them a top vendor in this category.


The aspirations of the founder had changed over time and realized that they have a great product, good validation with great logo customers, and credibility of ee outing large scale implementations and usage. Their clients rely on their reporting to ensure day-to-day operations were being run smoothly across different locations.

The company was predominantly Founder Led and Driven from Customer Acquisition to closure. The founder needed to scale and raise money.Outcomes (What results were achieved)

When the foundership team looked at the company and heard the founder's passion, his "Why" it became very clear that this company can grow as the founder had the ability to delegate and grow.

He agreed to work on the basics to redefine his company GTM - Value Proposition, Identify who are their actual customers, Positioning and new messaging for their website.


With these done, the founder can now successfully hire a sales team and get cracking as the WHY, WHAT, and WHO is now clear to the founder!

All in a 30 days work!

Sreekumar Says

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